Podcast & Update

Today I am the “special guest” for a podcast on www.nerdemic.com! I can’t wait. I will be talking about my favourite games and any upcoming games that I am looking forward to! Exciting!! I hope you will check out all my nerdiness!

I’ve also bought a new domain name www.epicgirlgamer.com I am going to be transfering all my “gaming” posts there and then keeping www.midnitefaery.com as my more personal blog. So readers can choose which blog they would like to follow. Perhaps both!? 😉 Also, I have purchased a “host” so I have more control over my site!

If you have subscribed to my blog previously, you will want to subscribe again because it is running through a different program now.

I know I’ve been rather busy and haven’t blogged much lately, but I had a bunch of family come out from Ontario! It’s been loud, crazy, and outrageously fun! I don’t know how I would have made it through the holiday’s without them. I think that they came at the right time and I will forever love and appreciate their brightness that they brought with them. I was afraid of the holidays. It was the first time we would be “celebrating” without my Dad or eldest brother. Sometimes chaotic fun is necessary! I had an amazing holiday! …and they were both with us, the whole time 🙂 I suppose that’s it for now, thanks for reading and I promise…TOTALLY promise, that this year will be filled with many ups-and-downs in my life which you might find amusing, and dammit I will write some fantastic game reviews!

Enjoy your weekend!

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