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Hello!! I know it’s been forever since I’ve written anything. I think that’s becoming a trend for me. I will break out of it soon.

For the past few months, since I resigned from my previous job, I have been doing causal work as a teacher. It’s been great. I had enough money to live, and I was not stuck working with gossiping girls. I don’t like rude comments about other people’s lives. Everyone has their own “story” and I am not at liberty to bash them.

A couple of the schools that I subbed at were great and I loved working there. And a couple were terrible! Putting children in small confined areas, yelling at them, and teasing them. I left early a few times and seriously considered a phone call to licensing.

I had a lot of interviews and saw them as an opportunity to interview potential co-workers. The best interview was an epic interview at EA. I would have loved to work there. The facility is stunning and well…it’s working with video games! The pay however, sucks. I couldn’t afford to live off $10.50 an hour. That’s their starting wage. After going through QA (quality assurance) then you “pick” your specialization. There is the possibility of a pay increase. Meh…I will just continue playing games and writing about them.

I did however apply at my “dream job” and got it! I applied when there was no job posting and 2 weeks after I got a call for an interview. The interview was fantastic and they called the next day to offer me the position! I have been there just over a week. I am a Child & Youth Worker in a transition house for battered women and children. It’s a safe house. I love it.

My new blog Epic Gamer Girl is doing awesome! There has been many game reviews and 2 special guest writers. One of them, Firedragon, hopefully sticks around for a while. She is an Epic Gamer Girl 😉 I adore her! The other writer, GoKenny, is a dude who works in the gaming industry, so he has very interesting posts from an artists point of view!

I wanted to create a blog where people could read, comment, and review games. So…if you’re interested in being an author let me know! My email address is midnitefaery@gmail.com

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