Tee-ing in the Green

I was on the phone with Kira after work, when lo and behold my bus drove by! I hate missing the bus because it means my commute home takes that much longer. Kira was playing guitar before I called him. Naturally I whined a bit about taking so long to see him, so he offered to pick me up!

I went to the nearest strip mall and browsed around the stores until he arrived. We drove to the Timmy’s on Dewdney and 230th in Ridge. For the first time in months they had broccoli soup. Its the first soup to go usually because its cream based…but so yummy! We had some food and coffee and then attempted to drive to Pitt Lake. After many wrong turns and dead ends we ended up on some isolated street leading to the golf courses.

Swan-E-Set golf club was on the left and Golden Eagle golf club was on the right. We drove to Swan-E-Set a couple months ago so we turned right this time! I’ve never golfed. Never fancied the idea either. Kinda geeky! ..and a tad to posh for my liking.

We drove into the parking lot. I saw some nifty looking golf carts. I dont drive a car…so they looked like fun!  We decided to look at prices, mainly because we needed to use the washroom 😉

It was about 6pm and after 5pm its 19$ a person. Not too bad… so we decided to give it a whirl. I wanted the gold kart and Kira said we could do whatever I wanted so an extra 35$ and they handed over the keys! 😀

We were so unprepared that it was fairly comical. We needed balls. How many? What kind? The guy must have felt sorry for us cause he gave us 15. Next was the little wooden peg things. They hold the ball on the first area. Known as the “tee”. Uhm…sticks to hit the balls? For golfers they are called clubs 😉 We piled everything into the golf cart and Kira gave me a quick driving lesson. Gas makes you go and breaks stop you. Sounded easy enough!

Golfing sticks 😉

We hopped in and I cautiously drove us to the first hole. You can drive up curbs and over all sorts of rocks, grass, and mud.

We got to the first hole and Kira went to shoot the ball from the “normal” hitting platform. I was to hit from the ladies one. It is slightly closer to the hole. Uhm…where was said hole? I had no idea where I was suppose to try and hit the ball to? Kira kept telling me that there was a blue flag in the distance. I saw nothing. Trees…grass… but no damn blue flag. Oh well, I figured I would shoot it in the same direction as he did.

This is much closer to the flag than the start…can you see it now!?

Since I have never golfed, I was getting a mini lesson about what stick did what but I just wanted to swing the stick and hit some balls. How hard could it be?

Kira set up. I observed. He did a couple practice swings and then, whoosh…off went his ball! Soaring through the sky! I had no idea where it even landed O.o.

Bet you can’t see the flag from here!!

We went to my platform. I copied what he did. I stuck the wood peg into the ground and placed the ball on top. I held the stick like a hockey stick and swung. Nothing. I was hitting at air.

Kira told me to bend my knees and straighten my back. Okay… I couldnt figure out how to do both. I kept crouching forward. A bit of a bum shake fixed everything!

I told Kira to stand back…I was a menace with the golf club!

I was so proud my myself learning the golfing terms! I told Kira that we should “tee-off in the green” and he just smiled. I clearly had no idea what I was talking about!

Check out my Epic Golfing skillz:

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3 Responses to Tee-ing in the Green

  1. Gina says:

    This is one of many reasons why I love you so much! You should of been there for my first time. By the end of it I was drunk and barefoot, lol. I also showed everyone I was with how to hit the ball backwards so it hits yourself in the tit, :P. I’ve only gone the one time though but it was fun. I love the video!

  2. IVIATHYEW says:

    Look out Tiger Woods, Midnite’s on your heels. So, we can expect to see you on the going toe-to-toe with the pros in a few years, right?

  3. ~Firedragon~ says:

    This is the girliest posting about golf ever! Save the golfing for retirement lol. Epic finale though. Love you xoxo

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