Saying Goodbye in Style!

My last blog entry was rather grim. Let me try to spice it up a bit! … in a totally “G” way of course 😛 Dirty buggers!

As everyone knew, I was rather hurt by the lack of invitation to my brother’s memorial. I found out that it was held at the island where he died. Everyone in my family took the boat there and spread “some” of his ashes. That’s not what he wanted, but whatever.  When we were spreading my Dad’s ashes last July, Derek said that he wanted to be at the same spot. Why my family decided to do what they wanted rather than his known verbal wishes… I will never know.

Anyways, I am sorry to have missed a visit with my family from Ontario. I couldn’t bring myself to go out there 2 days after all that happened. I needed to say goodbye to my brother without all the drama and needless emotional family stuff.

Where did I hold Derek closest in my heart? What memories of him put a smile on my face? What will I carry with me throughout my life?

Bush wacking, ninja clubs, finding snakes, having salamander’s tails fall off, running from bears, having carefree adventures through the forest. My fondest memories are on the island.

That decided it. I knew where I needed to say goodbye:

I remember the last conversation I had with Derek about the island. He went on a family trip to Tofino and saw goats on a roof. Yes, Indeed… goats. He also said that it was beautiful and he loved every minute of the trip. Then he offered me this weird little fennel seed covered in candy. It was tiny! Smaller than a sunflower seed and it had such an intense flavor. Tasted like sweet black licorice. Yum!

It was time to do this! The boy picked me up from the grocery store. We packed up the car within 20 minutes, stopped by the bank, and then left for the ferry terminal. Traffic was on our side because we were one of the last few cars to get on the 7:30 sailing.  Thankfully we pulled out cash. BC Ferries take VISA and cash only.

The start of a totally wicked spur of the moment adventure!

This was our first time driving to the island together. Plus, the first time I’ve been back to Nanaimo since I was a child.

Upon our arrival onto the ferry, we decided to have dinner. I was starving! We went to the White Spot there and ordered veggie burgers. They had yummy looking yam fries, so I wanted those too! I never eat fries … but these were yams 🙂 So we waited… and waited… and waited for the fries. It took about 10 minutes, so the servers actually took our veggie burgers, tossed them in the bin and gave us fresh hot ones to go with the yam fries. Whew! It was finally time to eat. Of course, finding a table on the ferry is another issue. We settled and then about 2 minutes into our meal, I saw my friends brother & his girlfriend. I shouted across the dining area to get their attention and they joined us. They live on the island and were just moving some furniture over from the mainland. After eating and chatting, Sean and Maryah invited us to sleep in their unfinished studio. We didn’t really know where we were going, as it wasn’t a planned trip and camping on the side of the road always works 😉 so we thanked him for the offer and didn’t really say either way what was happening.

Instead, we packed up and went out side onto the deck. It was super windy but beautiful out there!

Maryah and Sean

Sean had fun playing with the lighting on our camera!

I was wearing a dress, with no short shorts underneath so I needed to change. It was getting colder and the wind was insane!

When we came back up to the deck, we bumped into Sean again. Maryah was at the truck still. The boys chatted, and it was decided we would crash at the studio.

Sean needed some help moving furniture into the studio, and we needed a place to crash so it was perfect!

We programmed their address into Vicki (the GPS) and headed over there. Getting lost a few times of course! Finally we arrived at Sean and Maryah’s house. They needed to unload a few items there before bringing the rest to the studio.

the "goods" ... and totally essential!

The coolest new item that was going into the studio was an ancient barber’s chair with all the fixings! The thing must have weighed about 300 pounds. It took 3 men to carry it up the stairs. Thankfully, I was there to hold open the door and guard the moving truck eh! 😉

There’s a pretty wild picture of me in this chair, but since I look like a mental patient. I am NOT posting it here!

I will however, let you see the sleeping arrangements and the sign that was actually posted in the girls bathroom!

my rockstar pj's!

this was posted between the stalls. I did not venture into the boys room :/

Needless to say, this was the beginning of an awesome  adventure, and my brother was alongside me the entire way! He would have loved the spontaneity of everything!

Stay tuned for what happened next …

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2 Responses to Saying Goodbye in Style!

  1. Gina says:

    Hey! I went to school with Maryah at Terry Fox and George Pearkes. Whats with the bathroom? Is the studio in a business building? lol. Cant wait to hear more!

  2. Midnite Faery says:

    It is! In the arts district! Apparently the mens bathroom is beyond gross 😉 so they try to use the girls. The mens has the old ferry taps in the sinks. You know the ones you have to hold on for a small splash of water!

    It was such an amaing trip! I will write more when I’m at home cause the pictures are on the computer 🙂 I totally recommend going to that side of the island. Its beautiful.

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