Another day…

When I don’t post for a while its cause life is just too busy.

Every Thursday night, I co-run a dinner program hosted through work. Its where moms with children under 6 years can connect in the community and have dinner together. Each week the moms assist with cooking an “affordable” meal. Last night… we had tacos! 🙂 There was even a small pan with veggie ground round (no meat) so I could dig in too! I did the Mother Goose session. That’s where you teach moms and kiddies new songs or rhymes to do together.

Afterwards, I started my huge trek home. With a visit to the local tanning salon. All this rain sucks! I am now soaking up the rays for 10 minutes. I started at 5 minutes a few weeks ago. Its lovely. I know all the dreadful side effects. I’ve done my research. So… I will continue loving the vitamin D for as long as I feel necessary!

I got home shortly before 9pm and played a bit of Rock Band. Actually found a decent pro guitar player in quickplay! He even had DLC.

When the boy arrived home, we had the yummiest magmum icecream bars and watched Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother. After an unfortunate event with EvelDick (one of the coolest characters), we watched his live stream online. That man swears every 2nd word! I guess the producers won’t let him talk about why he left suddenly until they’re ready or his 4 month contract is up.

Oh well… I’m off to work again now! Hope everyone has a great day! 🙂

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