A Perfect Stagette!!

What a brilliant day & evening!

It began with a trip to the Spa! I went with @th3_jynxxx …she is one of my very best friends! <3

All the ladies met in the waiting room…each one getting their own epic spa treatment!

I had a full body massage with coconut and vanilla

… and a fully body wrap.

Both were so incredibly relaxing!

Afterward, I had complimentary make-up with @th3_jynxxx and her mum!

We went to the hotel bar for some appy’s and drinks and then carried on upstairs to the hotel room!

While everyone was getting ready, @th3_jynxxx and I decided to find a Starbucks. I have a terrible addiction to my Americanos!

Upon our stroll, we came across the beautiful bride to be and her girlies! <3

While sitting outside, sipping on wicked hot drinks… a man was walking up the road with his bike and a bag of beer. He asked if we wanted a beer. Nah… but thanks!

He carried on to say that there was a Molson truck giving away free beer about a block down the road! Shaweet!

We excitedly walked down the road and waited in a line with about 10 other people. 4 tallboy beers each! …free.

Naturally, we had to tell everyone we saw while walking back to the hotel to get some free beer!

It was make over time and the theme was Devils & Angels. The bride was the Angel and everyone was her lil’ Devils! Cute theme 🙂

We all gathered in the hotel for a picture and started our adventure for the evening.

The first bar was Doolins. There was a bit of an unexpected adventure there so our time was cut short.

There were a couple other pubs and chilling outside

before finishing the night at Joe’s Apartment. There was a live band followed by a DJ.

There was lots of love and it was an amazing night!! 😀

A super huge Congratulations goes to @th3_jynxxx’s sister and her soon-to-be hubby!! 😀

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