Coffee for here

Doesn’t seem like a big concept. But it is.

I never have time for sitting at the coffee shop. I am either getting coffee on my way to work, or on my way out with friends. I haven’t just ordered a coffee to sit in the coffee shop for over a year.

At my previous job, I would sit in Starbucks daily at lunch. I would often sit there in the mornings and after work too while waiting for the boy to pick me up. I had so much time to write and organize my thoughts.

Now, I write quick little blips of my day on twitter.

5 minutes into sitting down here and after taking 3 sips of my coffee, I got a text from the boy saying that he couldn’t sleep so I guess I am leaving.

That says it all.

Writing time is terribly limited, and I am okay with that because I love everything else that takes my time away.

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