The Random Things I Think About…

I love hearing about individual life experiences. The choices and consequences that people go through is very intriguing to me.

Why someone is at a certain point in their life, and what they see for their future….

I realized yesterday that I am fairly confident I won’t be alive when I’m 55 years old. How or why I feel this is new to me. I got a pay cheque and had mpp and cpp removed. I was annoyed that I would be putting 150$ of every pay into something I couldn’t use until I was 55. Sure if I’m alive then, it will be handy but my first question was “where does this investment go if I die before 55”. If it ends up with some greedy corporation, I would rather use the money while I’m alive thanks.

This isn’t sadistic or twisted. I just understand that people die.

Accidents happen. Health isn’t guaranteed. I have no control over when I die so why not just accept my life for what it is.

I love my life.

I could never imagine my life in a better situation. As far as what I can control, I have everything I could ever want.

My extended family has their own unique flares and I love them all so much. At times, I do need space to keep myself healthy.

My immediate family is brilliant. I couldn’t ask for anything different. I keep them fairly private online because they are mine and I don’t want to share 😉

My job is everything I’ve ever dreamed for a career. I wanted to be where I am when I was a child. Everything I’ve studied and everywhere I’ve worked has set me up to be where I am. Everyday offers new experiences and challenges.

My friends are a vital part of who I am. I don’t have much time for socializing outside of work and family, but I try. The whole online connection to friends in real life has made everyone incredibly lazy (myself included).

People that know “me”, know my life story. I’m fairly open with those who are close to me. If I’ve met someone online, chances are they only know 2% of who I am. With the exception of a couple beautiful friends whom I intend on having coffee with soon <3

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