New Years Eve

I have spent the last couple of NYE with my best girlfriend and amazing sister @firedragon. We always manage to find something fun to do. So this year, she looked online for tickets so we didn’t end up at a dodgy pub in East Van to ring in the new year!

(left) @themidnitefaery (middle) @workwife (right) @firedragon1087

There were a couple different options: a night club with DJ’s, a pub/club with a live band, a masquerade ball, or try to find a decent house party! I’m not a fan of the night clubs and I recently went to the pub for a stagette so I opted for “Joes Apartment”.

Their ad on clubvibes said there would be free cocktails from 8-9 pm, a live band, and an epic balloon drop at midnight.

They lied.

They had a pubcrawl go through Joe’s from 8-9 and they didn’t let anyone with tickets in until after 9pm. I overheard some girls talking about little red tickets being handed out for 1 free drink. It would have been nice if the girl at the door (who checked my ID) would have provided our group with tickets! I had to approach a bouncer and request them. So we got ONE free drink with our $40 ticket. That was a bit of an annoyance.

The pub was so gross. They didn’t even clean up puddles of drinks on tables and chairs. I requested a rag from the barman.


That said, I love finding the “positive” in everything, so… I had a blast!!

I had an amazing group of people with me! It was fun attempting to socialize with my work wife while she kept dragging me onto the dance floor. I didn’t know any of the songs being played so it was hard for me to dance to them. However, when a “rockband” song came on, I would get my groove on!

(left) @workwife (right) @themidnitefaery

I met a new friend from Twitter who was in Vancouver for a few days @fanali and his bff Pete. Fanali can dance! No liquor for him and he was ripping up the teeny dance floor. My “toddler” moves couldn’t hold up next to him!

He gave me the cutest little pocket devil ever! <3

We spent a fair amount of time on Granville Street and joining in the madness of drunkards. I had an amazing hotdog (veggie) smothered with everything delicious! We ended the night off with some rather entertaining party games and well… sleep!

Happy New Year!! 😀

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