Die Antwoord Concert

Last night was totally amazing! I went to the Die Antwoord concert at the Commodore in Vancouver and had the time of my life. Well… I usually have a blast at concerts, but this was different. I was literally squished at the front of the stage (along the fence). If you haven’t met me, I am fairly tiny, so thankfully I was protected by my friends! I did lose the boy however. He was with us at the beginning of the evening, but went to sit with some other friends, and he couldn’t make his way back to the front! :/ Maybe next time he will stay with me 😉

There were so many people pushing towards the stage …and I was there 😉

The band was bloody brilliant! I even got to reach out and hold hands with the ninja… such a fangirl thing to do eh! <3

Getting out at the end of the night was virtually impossible. My friends lifted me up and tossed me over the fence! The security guards caught me and off I went…


I was in desperate need for water, so I hit the nearest bar and then went upstairs to take a photo of the people that were still standing around 20 minutes after the show ended.

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