A small glimpse into the background of today

Once upon a time ago, I would write daily in a paper journal. It didn’t have to be anything of true importance. It was just my day. My life at that moment and what dreams I had for the future.

I stopped doing that.

I don’t know if i grew out of it or just didn’t have time. I am going to try and change that this year. I am going to write.

I will write whatever I can whenever I find time in my busy life. I do after all, pay to have my website up and running.

Let’s start fresh. I like to do that every time I start a new book.

Today is January 2nd, 2013. I am on my way to work. Sitting at the back of thebus, in the corner. I always try to sit here because I like space. I put my feet up and enjoy the ride. Plus I can see all the people around me and I’m not concerned about who might sit behind me. There’s nothing of importance in my bus ride. But in 10 years I might be driving and get a kick out of my old traveling means.

I have spent the last 2 weeks on holiday. I didn’t go away. I stayed at home and spent time with friends and family. I was able to visit with a lot of people. It was nice to just enjoy being relaxed. Plus, if I think about the cost it was more than $600 for those 2 weeks of accommodations . I’m a renter. My house is lovely so why not enjoy it eh?

The highlights of my holidays were Christmas parties, Christmas Eve, and New Years Eve. Oh yea, the End of the World was a pretty big deal to me too. I will try to go more into detail later. I’m nearly at work.

A part of my daily routine is to get coffee at Starbucks. I need to stop. Or at least cut down. My body hates me when I don’t get the caffeinated jolt of 3 shots of espresso. I know I need to change that habit …addiction. I will. I managed to quit after university and when traveling in New Zealand. It will be difficult.

So this is the end of this post. I am pretty sure most of them will be scattered fragments of my daily experiences, thoughts, hopes, and so on.

Welcome to my world

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