Ugh… what a horrid way to start my day!

I did something this morning that I’ve been avoiding for the past month.

I’ve embraced and enjoyed indulging so much that I was deathly afraid of the little white truth teller in my bathroom.

This morning I decided it was time. I don’t know why but I guess I felt like I needed motivation to change my indulgent ways.

The after-holiday weigh in is horrifying! In the beginning of December, one of my coworkers shared the stat that people will gain 4 pounds over the holidays (on average based on a study she read).

I wasn’t afraid of that. I actually used it as my reasoning to try every delicious treat I could. I’ve spent nearly 4 Christmas’ watching what I ate, but not this year. If something glistened in sugar or smelled sweet… chances are, I would try it.


…so the moment of truth was there. I got on the scale.

If you were here, I would say queue the doom and gloom music.

I gained 10 pounds!! 🙁

I’m still within a healthy BMI (body mass index) for my height, age, and weight …but I’m 10 pounds heavier than I was.

So there it is. My motivation to stop eating junk food and get back into my healthily lifestyle.

Oh yea, and to top off my morning, I am on Day 2 of not going to Starbucks. I’m not crazy enough to completely stop drinking coffee …I’m just making my coffee at home before going to work.

As today stands, I am eating smaller portions of carbs with lots of fruits and veggies. I will also start adding more protein. Plus I’m only drinking 1 cup of coffee that I make …and I am working out. I went for a 30 minute walk this morning on my way to work. instead of catching a bus close to my house, I timed it to walk.

Whew. This is the start to another week for me.

I’m curious if anyone else was brave enough to weigh in after Christmas?

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