Happy 3rd Day to me!!! I will survive :)

Today marks the 3rd day of not going to Starbucks. This wouldn’t seem like a big deal, but any regular Starbucks goer would understand how huge this is.

I made my coffee at home again this morning. I’m rocking my Starbucks reusable mug and drinking their espresso beans that you brew at home. I haven’t completely stopped my love for the Bucks, but I need to save money.

Based on how many free reward drinks I’ve received (55+), I have spent more than $2000 since October 2012. I can use that as traveling funds… so I must succumb to the coffee I make at home.

In order to get free drinks, you start by registering a Starbucks gift card. How the math works: you earn a star with each purchase. So you put $$$ onto your registered gift card and use that for all your Starbucks purchases. After 30 purchases, you earn 30 stars and become a “Gold” member. They send you a pretty gold card in the mail and it has your name on it.

Then… every 12 purchases (stars) you get a free rewards drink/food. It used to be every 15 purchases and there were other perks like free soy milk and flavor syrups.

In order to get 55 free reward drinks, I made 12 purchases at 3.08 each per reward. So times that amount by 55.

(12×3.08) × 55 = 2032.80

Its even more than that because it was 15 stars before. Gah! That’s a lot of money. As soon as I figured out how much I was spending, and I was motivated to travel …I decided it was time to brew at home.

So like any addict, the 3rd day, 3rd week, and 3rd month are huge milestones when you’re quitting something.

Happy 3rd Day to me!!! I will survive 🙂

Mmmm coffee in comic book style!

Mmmm coffee in comic book style!

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