I’m going back to University!!

It’s been a couple years since I’ve attended school at UBC. I am going back!! I have 6 classes remaining to get my Bachelor of Arts majoring in Family Studies and minoring in Philosophy. I really want to finish this degree. I have a few other ones, but I want this one! So…I got my official offer of admission today!! I will start again in June. I need to look at my courses and figure out the sequence in which I will take them. I am super excited.

Education is vital to my personal growth. I have continued to take courses online and workshops in the city. I am facilitating a couple different parenting programs. I will run one a season through our counseling centre and I just started facilitating a teen mom group at a local high school. Next week we are talking about Nutrition and toddlers.

Okay…short blog post. But I had to share! YAY!!! 😀


Oh yea!! I’m going back! 😀

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