Cheers to another year!

The last draft in my blog was from New Years 2014. It has been a long time since I’ve regularly updated my blog.  This is my first attempt at changing that.

My life has been rather busy with work and school. I am a college professor teaching advanced child development. I really enjoy it! I am also working on my Masters in Social Work. I want to eventually get my Phd as well. Academics have always been an important part of my life and I am thrilled to be immersed in learning environments.

My gaming has been on hold lately, but I have managed to finish Dragon Age Inquisition and I put in about 110 hours, so I’m still making some time to play! I have just started The Game of Thrones episode one. I am not a fan of the tv series but the game seems to be good so far! Apparently Dying Light is the newest game that everyone is playing. I’ve been asked to get it numerous times, so I will likely be playing that next.

This weekend was KiRa’s birthday so I got him a Batman cake! …and he is the proud owner of an xbox one now too! …and a new iphone 🙂

I will try to post randomness from my life more regularly!

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